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Watch games while betting

Now you can watch your League of Legends team while betting, talk with your try to beat them! It’s easy! Go to Feature games or Upcoming official games, select your match, watch and bet! You can also go to Streamers section and bet for your favorite streamer while watching their statistics!

Get now ePickCoins!

How can I win ePickCoins? There are many ways! Bet in the official games of League of Legends, play Minigames, bet in the streamers section and share with your friends! Every day you can get some ePickCoins just playing in ePickBets!

And be at the top at the end of the countdown

Every few days we give some Riot Point to the best betters in the platform! You just need to bet in Official League of Legends games or for streamers! The person who has more winnings at the end of the countdown will get FREE Riot Points!!